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PostSubject: FOR THOSE WHO WANT TO JOIN US - IMPORTANT   Wed Jul 23, 2008 10:08 am

Because this guild went through alot of experience during last couple of months, and because many of our members grow inside of it in a family spirit , i would like to make you aware ( yes you , who want to join us m8 Very Happy) that we have become a bit more selective.

Dont be scared about this word, selective doesnt mean we are loking for Pro-players, actualy we dislike this type of people. We look first for, good real-life persons. Its really hard to find out who is good /bad in real life , because all we know is only your character made of bunch of colorful pixels and thats it. But despite all this remains your behaviour , your interaction with guild members, how helpful you are, what language you use ( dont worry we all know when you will joke Very Happy) etc.

On the other hand i MUST ask to not mistreat this forum, because from now on its your best way to communicate with us, make a topic about an issue u want to talk about, post a comment, ask something in the proper section, be active ( but not a nerd...do not post only to increase your post numbers, we all know when something is posted mindlesly...and remember this only defines u as person in real-life).

Right now u just registered on this forum and you are a bit curious , or maybe bored about all this. Because the Guild rules said so, u need to post an Application. Yes, its important for us , but its important for u aswell. I dont want to repeat myself ( all necessary info's can be found on this forum) but u have to keep in mind that your Recruitment Application is your Visit Card. Write there sincerely, do not try to impress us with well packed lies, because things like ur the best guild/ur the oldest ally guild/ u have good players etc and whatever will only make us a bit more sad. Do not copy/paste from other post, cause maybe you are bored to be a bit original, if you are so , try another guild. We all know that you might only be looking for raids to get a cool sword, or whoever knows what item, and u probably suck badly on PVP (like lots of us do ) but if it is otherwise you dont have to start creating a self-image about what a good PLAYER you are , we need a good PERSON first of all.

If u succeded to read until this point , that means u care, more or less, doesnt matter.
Now , go in the Recruitment section , and start your adventure, but be a human Person , not only a human Player, make us to respect your character, and in the end to respect YOU.
This is in what Angelic Tears believes.
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