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PostSubject: FORUM RULES   Thu May 22, 2008 6:46 pm

Before posting on forum , read this carefully , because the forum field needs clean information and not a messy -whatever posts everywhere.

As u can see the forum in split in Two main section which means that both are very important but are related to diferent aspects.

: Guild rules , Recruitment , Hall Of Fame , Guild Events , Tool Shop , Suggestion
- this section has its main purpose only for adminstrative guilds issues
- read the description of every main topic to understand what is it for.
IMPORTANT NOTES : Hall Of Fame its about Fame! this mean awsome , cool pics generaly , not cool for you cause u have a specfic item or whatever. Hall Of Fame shall have raiding pics , pvp images , landscape images , everything wich seem worth to look .

SECTION 2 : Guild Announcements , Members introduction , Need Before Greed , PVP tips and Tricks , Free chat
- this section is orientated on more social aspects. its main purpose its to help guild members to socialise more , and help each other become better players in the end.
IMPORTANT NOTES : Member Introduction - keep it serious about this topic , and stop making crapy posts about , cause you are lazy to write some relevant words about yourself. From now on , crapy posts will be delete it on sight . ( EX : hi , how ar u ? - this is not an introduction !!!)

- Read carefully each Topic description , dont post whenever u want , if you are not sure where to post , put it in Free chat - SECTION 2
- keep it clean , dont post only to increase your overal posts number .
- dont flame without a reason , dont curse , unless we all know that you are joking.
- try to write as much as u can using English corectly , dont confuse us Very Happy
- while posting pictures , use second link whithin Hosting tool , its cleaner and its much better without any aditional click
- if you are not an Angelic Tears member and just a visitor dont spam our topics, u can post anything u want in Free Chat - SECTION 2

- to be continued -
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